GlobeEdit provides high-quality academic publishing with all the advantages of an intercontinental company in marketing, production and distribution.
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Our books are listed by all major libraries and online bookstores such as, Barnes & Nobles, Lightning Source and Morebooks

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GlobeEdit embraces innovation with the implementation of print on demand and print to order as key technologies for rapid and effective dissemination of knowledge to the world.

Marketing Guidelines

GlobeEdit aim at delivering the best marketing guidelines and tips to authors to better promote their books.


Worldwide Book Marketing

Our books are produced in the form of high-quality paperbacks in the USA, UK and Germany and distributed through an extensive network of major retailers. By means of streamlined and standardized workflows, our authors can enjoy a swift book publishing process while reaching the widest possible audience. GlobeEdit has highly dedicated editors aim at delivering the best guidance one would ever expect from a publisher offering free publishing services. Last but not least, our authors earn royalty commissions based on sales volume.

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